ERIKA – Interdimensional Transmissions | Ectomorph | Detroit


Erika dreams on the cellular level, or perhaps of transdimensional intelligences moving through Whether DJing dark ambient drones or danceable electro or performing as Erika, Erika Sherman is capable of working within a given context while still maintaining a certain distinct personality. Once a part of the Detroit outfit Ectomorph, Erika performs as both a DJ and with a live PA setup. She opts not to use a computer, an increasing rarity in modern electronic music.

“Erika just proves that you can’t judge a book by the cover; no stereotype will fit her.” Brendan Gillen, who calls Erika his “co-conspirator on many levels with Interdimensional Transmissions,” says. The pair run the Detroit-based label, which has released records from the likes of Perspects and Derek Plaslaiko, in addition to releasing Hexagon Cloud. In a recent live set, Erika DJ’d have using three turntables, creating dark drones and textures, in a set for Eye Teeth, an Interdimensional Transmissions sub-label.

“As a DJ she is pure id, this raucous mix of everything great about techno today and the stranger darker part of Detroit house, just tearing up the floor with devastating music, taking no prisoners, and burning down your village,” Gillen says.

According to the Interdimensional Transmissions website , Erika was running a BBS (Bulletin Board System for the noobs) from her bedroom before she was in high school. She was also a jazz DJ and a program director at the University of Michigan radio station, WCBN-FM. She then joined Ectomorph in 1997. She has run a free-form Internet radio station,, since 1999.